Offline gaming and online casino record growth in 2022

Imparare l'inglese online: ecco come fare e perché

2022 was a positive year for the entire gaming sector and also for the state coffers. The data for January 2023 confirm the growing trend

It’s time for balance sheets for the gaming sector, one of those that continues to grow in Italy and shows no signs of slowing down. The data for the first half of 2022 speak for themselves: Italians love to play, both online and offline. Spending in games is close to ceiling of 10 billion: this is calculated by making the difference between the sums played, which represent the collection, and those won.

An important figure, also considering that the gaming sector, as well as the other productive sectors, guarantees revenue to the state coffers. Are approximately 5.4 billion that will go to the Treasuryfor gaming and betting activities in 2022.

But what are the Italians’ favorite games? Let’s find out how the gaming industry is evolving and what is the role of real money online casinos in this scenario. Even legal gaming sites, which allow you to have fun both for fun and for real money through legal portals, in fact represent a significant part of the sector, which in turn records continuous increases and affects the total.

What did the Italians play in 2022

What were the Italians’ favorite games during 2022? It will come as no surprise that amusement machines have had the biggest impact on state coffers. These include slot machine, VLT e video poker: together they made up 68.83% of the revenue in the state coffers. Followed by lotto and lotteries, which with their numbers represent 26.51% of revenue for the treasury: this is a new confirmation of the passion of Italians for traditional games. In third place are sports bets, followed by other games.

The data relating to game preferences also refer to games played in secure online casino real money. A sector which, as we will see, has not suffered the backlash that many expected, due to the total reopening of the arcades and agencies in the area.

Online gaming data in 2022

2022 closes with positive numbers in relation to online gaming. I am more than 7.1 million game accounts in the real money casino. This is an increase over the previous year of 6.2%. Said like this, it doesn’t seem like a great thing, but it must be considered that during 2021 there were still many closures due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The month in which the most gaming accounts were opened was November, most likely boosted by the arrival of winter.

For many players, in fact, the choice to play on the web is influenced by the extreme convenience of being able to have fun from home, even from a smartphone via app, to real money online casinos. While the worst months regarding the opening of new online gaming accounts were in June and July.

Will the growth of online gaming also characterize 2023? For the moment the year begins with a positive sign, in fact in first month of 2023 casino games recorded expenditure of 204.7 million euro. This figure, compared to the same month of the previous year, represents an increase of 19.5%. This game mode has now entered the hearts and habits of Italians, many of which have been strongly influenced by the restrictions of the pandemic. Some of them, such as online gaming, have remained in daily life, and have even increased, even after the end of the emergency.