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OIES: the first Esports certificates become NFTs

OIES brings NFTs to the Italian Esports market by creating the first Esports certificates validated on Blockchain, thanks also to the collaboration with HodiePass

NFT and Blockchain are the most used words of recent times, thanks also to the evolution of the metaverse that is happening in this period, this the GEESE he knows it well and wanted to catch the ball. Through the collaboration with HodiePass, product of Silicon Lakethe Italian Esports observatory has relocated on Blockchain Bitcoin certificates from his Advanced Esports Program training course. With this operation, the work carried out by the OIES and the skills acquired by the students in the courses take on a certain value that is impossible to counterfeit. Furthermore, we can consider the observatory as the first company to use Blockchain technology in the education sector.

OIES: the advantage of NFTs in training

A high-level operation that of the OIES. Bringing the innovation of Blockchain ed NFT in the world of Esports and gaming it was not easy, even less to bring it into the world of training. All this was achieved above all thanks to the collaboration signed with the innovative startup Silicon Lake, which allowed the transfer of the certificates on the Bitcoin Blockchain. The same certificates were then issued to graduate students and made “usable” via a dedicated link. But what are actually the advantages of having a certificate of participation transformed into an NFT?

  • An NFT is single e ascertainable
  • The creation of NFT and the possibility of viewing via links will allow subscribers to insert this link in social profiles and in their own digital pages. This will offer a tool of media and professional enhancement of participation in the course.
  • Skills acquired through the Advance Esports Program become certain e immutable. This is because the use of the blockchain prevents the certificates from being modified or forged.

60 students have already received their certificate after passing the Advanced Esports Program test. They are also the first to have made use of this technology which had never been used in the field of training before. Once again the OIES proves to be a pioneer of the whole Esports movement in our country.

OIES: the first Esports certificates become NFTs

This is a fundamental step for the Italian Esports Observatory. We have brought an innovative element to training and the Italian Esports sector. Thanks to the extraordinary work of our partners, the students of our Advanced Esports Program course will be the first to have certified skills in Blockchain. A certificate in NFT has a great value not only symbolic, but represents the authentic certification of the skills acquired. This will allow companies looking for qualified personnel to have an extra tool in assessing candidates’ skills

These are the words of Luigi Caputo ed Enrico Furniturefounders of OIES, followed by Marco VeroneseCEO of Silincon Lake:

I have always believed in the challenge of the blockchain world and the desire to put innovation at the center has always been driving me. This partnership with Sport Digital House is the demonstration of how Silicon Lake with its HodiePass product pursues this mission with conviction and competence. The concreteness of this approach is demonstrated by the fact that our action has brought tangible added value to the formation of OIES, which has been able to seize, without delay, the opportunity to be a protagonist of digital change.

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