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OKGO, the intelligent e-bike that communicates with the cyclist and seems to come out of Tron

The Smart e-bike OKGO, the talking bike that Tron could ride is a whole program. Yes, the claim that advertises the futuristic two-wheeler is: “This is the bike that Tron could ride”.

Fast, intuitive, this electric bike created for urban commuting promises speed and precision to cyclists. In short, OKGO aims to enter the market with a unique product capable of being a rapid and indispensable ally for always connected mobility.

Not only that, the new one smart e-bike from OKGO is the synthesis of technology enclosed in a chassis in fiber Of carbon. This is a choice consistent with the policy of the company it is based at Taipei, Taiwan.

Smart e-bike OKGO, the touchscreen bicycle that communicates with the cyclist

The Smart e-bike OKGO, the talking bicycle is a functional prototype. This presented, in March, during the Taipei Cycle bicycle show. In addition to the frame, the focus is on the Smart bike display integrated in the handlebar.

This is a touchscreen that doesn’t just show the usual parameter information on the e-bike. But process and make riding suggestions per far last more the drums.

Smart e-bike OKGO, the talking bicycle that Tron could ride, site sourceSmart e-bike OKGO, the talking bicycle that Tron could ride, site source

Smart e-bike OKGO, the bicycle with always connected voice commands

The display of Smart e-bike OKGO it also accepts voice commands. This unlocks the guidance system by scanning your fingerprints. It also provides warnings of vehicles approaching from behind.

All this is possible thanks to a sensor integrated in the rearward facing seat post. In the event of danger, it lights up a symbol on the touch screen and causes the handlebar to vibrate.

There is also a central lighthousebut also turn signals activated by front buttons and lights that project turn signal symbols onto the road.

Smart e bike OKGO, the talking bicycle, site sourceSmart e bike OKGO, the talking bicycle, site source

Also, the e-bike is always connected in 4 or 5Gallowing updates of the firmware over-the-air. So it gives the ability to remotely provide bicycle access to other people and traffic bicycle monitoring.

While we know that the prototype features a rear suspension Kind shock, but no front suspension. The brakes are mechanical discs, the motor is placed in hub rearthe drums And integrated in the down tube. While the transmission is a traditional rear derailleur with a metal chain and not a belt.

The company vision projected into the future

At the moment the OKGO Smart e-bike does not have a list price. In fact, OKGO’s vision is to become a manufacturer that is committed to providing hardware, software and iCloud database for any electric vehicle. As well as providing the one-stop intelligent electric vehicle R&D and production service solution. “IoT application and system integration is the core competitive value of OKGO”.

Let the Taiwanese company know. “Our goal is to facilitate our partners who want to join this industry and provide our customers with multiple choices that best meet their needs.”

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