ÖKOKombi scrubber dryer: high-level results and maximum energy efficiency

Lavasciuga ÖKOKombi: risultati di alto livello e massima efficienza energetica thumbnail

Innovative technologies, impeccable washing and drying performance and, for the first time, efficiency class A / C with heat pump: the new ÖKOKombi Serie 9000 AEG it is the only one in the world capable of taking care of even the most delicate garments, even remotely, protecting fibers, colors and fabrics. One household appliance which combines the best washing and drying technologies developed by AEG and guarantees, in half the space and without any effort, garments that are always perfectly clean, dry and ready to wear, even with cycles at low temperatures.

In addition to boasting an efficiency class A for washing e C for the complete washing and drying cycle, the ÖKOKombi washer-dryer was the first on the market to use the heat pump, controlling the movements of the drum to keep the garments always perfect over time; there SensiDry® technology it also allows moisture to be absorbed from fabrics at a temperature that is almost half that of conventional washer-dryers.

Maximum delicacy for any fabric, from technical to silk, from wool to synthetic: the L9WEC166BC AEG model protects all fibers and yarns thanks to the tecnologia DualSense®, which independently adjusts the wash cycle settings, the drying temperature and the movement of the drum according to the load: so even particularly precious clothes no longer have to be hand washed and dried flat, for uncompromising laundry.

Among the most advanced innovations that distinguish the new ÖKOKombi are the humidity and temperature sensors of the ProSense® technology, able to adjust the washing and drying time as well as the energy consumption according to the size of the load, and the ProSteam® technology, which allows the steam to quickly refresh the fabrics and eliminate odors from already worn garments. Finally, the Final Steam option activates a steam cycle at the end of each use to reduce creases by a third.

Elegant and minimalist in design, the new ÖKOKombi Series 9000 features a capacity equal to 10 kg of linen for the wash e 6 kg for thedrying, with a spin up to 1600 rpm. Not only. To make the most of all the machine technologies, the innovative App My AEG Care is the personal assistant with whom you can communicate even remotely: in addition to recommending washing and drying programs based on the fabric, color and degree of soiling of the laundry, Care Advisor allows you to access up to 50 special programs – such as Towels, Children’s clothes, Outdoor or Workwear -, which are in addition to those on the dashboard.