Old Dads: the trailer for the comedy about boomer fathers

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The famous stand up comedian Bill Burr makes his directorial debut with a film that debuts in streaming on Netflix on October 20, together with Bokeem Woodbine and Bobby Cannavale: here is the trailer and plot of Old Dads

Bill Burr is one of the most famous American stand up comedians, with a rough and irreverent comedy which increasingly often targets, without mincing words, and without fear of being offensive, certain founding values ​​of today’s political correctness, not to mention woke culture and the like. Many of his shows are available for streaming on Netflix and, after having been an actor in various comedies (including Murder, Mystery, Daddy’s Home and The King of Staten Island), he is about to debut on Netflix with first film in which, in addition to starring, he was also a director. It’s called Old Dads, and for the moment it is described like this in the official synopsis:

Three best friends who become fathers later in life find themselves arguing with kindergarten principals, millennial CEOs and everything created after 1987.

The trailer and plot of Old Dads, on Netflix from October 20th

As you can see from the first fun official trailer of the film, that of fatherhood, in Old Dads, is a pretext to tell the story of three of those who today’s young people love to refer to as boomers. Three men who come from another culture grappling with a reality in which they struggle to find a placedominated as it is – rightly or wrongly – by the demands, ways, rules and thoughts of Millennials and Generation Z. Old Dads is a film which, available in streaming on Netflix since October 20th next, we are inclined to think will do more than entertain, perhaps even opening up some heated debates.

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