Olga: unveiled the new trailer and the release in Italian cinemas!

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In the past few hours, Wanted Cinema has unveiled, with a trailer, the release date in Italian cinemas of Olga, the directorial debut film by Elie Grappe with Anastasia Budiashkina and Sabrina Rubtsova

We’re still recovering from the Cannes Film Festival, but the world of cinema hasn’t stopped for that. In the past few hours, Wanted Cinema has unveiled, with a trailer, that the film Olga, the dazzling directorial debut of Elie Grappe, will be in Italian cinemas from 8 June. Olga tells in an original way the dichotomy between private life and absolute dedication to sport of the very young Olga – played by Anastasia Budiashkina, professional gymnast also in real life – budding champion among the best Ukrainians, who aims to take part in the European Championships. When the investigations of the journalist mother, who in Ukraine closely followed the “revolution of dignity” in Maidan Square in Kiev, opposed to President Yanukovych (between 2013 and 2014), put their lives at risk, Olga is sent to train in Switzerland, where the father’s family lives.

Olga’s new trailer reveals its release in Italian cinemas thanks to Wanted Cinema

There she will be able to live in safety without having to give up her sporting ambitions, joined by the Swiss national team which is preparing to compete in the next European championships, but the price to pay will be emotionally very high. Hosted by a family that she doesn’t know, Olga will have to test herself not only with the tools, but even with the daily life of his exile and with the bitter prospect of renouncing his Ukrainian nationality. Meanwhile, Olga lives in constant video contact with her mother, who risks her life every day in the turmoil that engulfs her country. Olga offers an original and contemporary fresco, between fiction and reality, of the universe of women’s gymnastics, between rivalry, mutual support, school, competitions and training.

In the foreground, however, there is the burning story of a girl forced to leave her country, precisely in the most difficult moment, and to witness the political upheavals from afar. The film, shot in 2021, it is in fact set in the context of the Ukrainian revolution against the backdrop of an atrocious war, sadly anticipating the current context, which has shattered the dreams of many very young Ukrainian athletes. Olga was presented at the Semaine de la Critique during the 74th Cannes Film Festival where won the SACD Awardas well as being selected to compete at the 2022 Oscars in the Best International Film category representing Switzerland, the country where the film was shot.

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