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On 7 September preview of Santa Guerra, at the Spazio Ente dello Spettacolo in Venice

International preview of Santa Guerra, debut in the feature film by Samantha Casella, on 7 September at 15:00 at the Spazio Ente dello Spettacolo

On 7 September at 3.00 pm at the Spazio Ente dello Spettacolo, during the 79th edition of the Venice International Film Festival, the international premiere of Santa Guerra, the debut of Samantha Casella’s feature film, will be presented. The film will boast the extraordinary participation of Maria Grazia Cucinotta.

At the preview will be present: the director, the cast and the producer, Antonio Micciulli.

Santa Guerra is about an intimate and very introspective story, which alternates the dreamlike with the surrealbut that manages, incredibly, to deal delicate and universal themes. The only protagonist of the film, as well as her only strength becomes the artistic experimentation.

On 7 September preview of Santa Guerra, at the Spazio Ente dello Spettacolo in Venice

The texture of the film

The plot of the film revolves around a woman who risks being crushed by trauma. The reason why the protagonist finds herself in a timeless place to try to work it out.

In this strange place live ghostly figures and, while a part of herself gets stuck in this ghostly villaanother part of it wanders for a desolate wood populated by enigmatic presences. It is actually Hades.

The woman continues to move between different dimensions until she can reach one painful awareness.

On 7 September preview of Santa Guerra, at the Spazio Ente dello Spettacolo in Venice

Filming and hidden meanings

The shooting of the film took place in Emilia Romagna with some scenes shot in California and in a studio in Los Angeles.

In the film many i references, giveaways and easter eggs to movies and TV serieswhich are now cult.

From the literary point of view i references are mainly on the myths of ancient Greece. As well as the symbolism of the snake, mainly of the ouroboros, which in its biting its tail forms a circle without beginning or end, which represents the protagonist’s infinite torment.

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