On Call of Duty Mobile the zombies are back: the start of season 9

Su Call of Duty Mobile sono tornati gli zombie: al via alla stagione 9 thumbnail

All ready for the Call of Duty Mobile season 9, which brings zombies back into play. It is no coincidence, both because Halloween is upon us, and because the new season has a decidedly explanatory title: Zombies are Back.

Call of Duty: Mobile – Season 9: Zombies are Back, will arrive on October 13 at 02:00.

Zombies, treats (no treats) and new maps: all about Call of Duty: Mobile Season 9

In addition to the horrifying undead, Season 9 introduces several new features. Below we point out the most important:

  • Hacienda: the map is tinged with orange (and blood red) with a new Halloween themed version.
  • Haunted Voyage: a new dedicated themed event.
  • Battle Pass: New cosmetic contents to make the game experience more horror and zombies.
  • Zombie Classic: a new game mode to fight hordes of zombies
  • Super Attack: There is a zombie imposter on the team. Can you find and kill him before he turns all the components into undead?

The new Battle Pass includes 50 tiers of rewards, both free and premium. In addition to zombie-themed cosmetics, the Pass includes operators and skins such as Zero, Dark Sails and Kui Ji and Sapporo Stealth. There are also new weapons (such as Krig 6 and C4) and skins for the same. Finally Calling Cards, Charms, COD Points (CP) and many other contents that will be launched during the season.