Ultenic K20: the 8 liter air fryer!

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Already available on Amazon, the new “Ultenic K20” air fryer will allow you to cook multiple dishes together thanks to its two 4-liter baskets.

And of Ultenic the newcomer in the field of air fryers. We at TechGameWorld.com know well the brand that deals with home appliances at 360 degrees. It hasn’t been that long since our review of the AC1 handyman vacuum cleaner (which we particularly appreciated).

It seems that the company founded in 2021 does not like half measures. Let’s say this because, once again, the appliance presented is a bit out of the ordinary.

Ultenic K20: the double air fryer

We have tested numerous air fryers, from the classic to the most bulky. Ultenic K20 is proposed as a middle ground. If aesthetically it is very reminiscent of a traditional model, the two handles do not hide its peculiarity. It is in fact equipped with two 4-liter baskets each that can cook two different foods at the same time, but setting different temperatures and timings.

Il large touch screen placed on the front, then, will make the procedure simple and immediate. Between 6 different functions we have: air frying, Max Crisp, roast, baked, reheat, dehydrate, all selectable with a click. With a power of 2850 Wthen, there is certainly no dish that is not suitable for cooking.


  • Depth: 36.7cm
  • Width: 36.5cm
  • Height 31.2cm

The brand new Ultenic K20 is already available on Amazon at the price you see in the box below. To stay up-to-date on the latest news in the field of electronics, you just have to keep following TechGameWorld.com.