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On Clubhouse comes the ability to share links

On Clubhouse comes the ability to share thumbnail links

On October 27th theApp di Clubhouse will receive an update for iOS and Android, which will allow you to insert the links in the foreground within each Room. More specifically, with this update the organizers of the audio rooms, or the moderators, will have the opportunity to add hyperlinks at the top of the window. In this way it will be possible to have the links always at hand, without having to go and look for them elsewhere.

Clubhouse: App makes it possible to share links

Soon it will be possible to share links within the Audio Room of the Clubhouse App. A new option officially announced by Paul Davison, Clubhouse CEO, e Maya Watson, Global Head of Marketing. In particular, the two made it necessary to specify that some links are not shareable for security and / or moderation reasons, such as links to Onlyfans. In any case, what matters is that the new feature will allow moderators to provide users with sources relating to the topics being discussed. Or even of promote products and services which is being discussed.

All links will be manageable only by the moderators, who will be able to add, remove or even modify a hyperlink. By doing so, creators will be able to monetize on the basis of link sponsorship, without the Clubhouse App retaining anything. A detail that CEO Watson was keen to point out. Beyond this, he also wanted to report that all the updates related to monetization news will arrive in the coming weeks. In the meantime, the idea of ​​having the ability to share links with other users is already a step forward for the creators of the sector.

After all, to be able to compete with the platforms that have emulated it, Clubhouse is really doing everything. And it seems to be doing it quite well too.

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