On Google Maps comes the LGBTQ + tag for activities

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After Yelp, too Google Maps adds the ability to tag a business as owned LGBTQ+. And while similar labels already exist on the platform, it could help both people who choose to support “alternative” businesses and users interested in finding nearby queer communities. But let’s go and find out what it is specifically.

Google Maps: arriva il tag LGBTQ+

Just like the other Google Maps labels, the new “LGBTQ +” must also be added by verified owner of the business profile. Once the tag has been added, therefore, users will be able to view them in the platform interface, or even use them to search for a specific activity of interest to them. The only puzzling detail is the absence of a label verification process, which apparently does not exist as far as the LGBTQ + category is concerned.

Google Maps LGBTQ+

In fact, as you can imagine, there are other issues that concern the company. For this reason, the company also has some systems to address some potential security problems. In particular, Google Maps would appear to have a dedicated team handle any harassment “quickly” detected by its system, or that entrepreneurs report having received due to their label. Although it is clear that this type of action will still not be able to defend an owner, or his business, from any physical damage. But it is still very interesting that the platform has thought about protecting its users in any way possible.

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