DICE is focused on supporting Battlefield 2042

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Confirmed by the same software house, DICE is focused solely on support for Battlefield 2042, excluding any other project. Let’s find out the details together

Confirmed by the very same developers of the famous first person shooter, DICE is concentrated only on the support of Battlefield 2042 after launch which was definitely not what they expected on Swedish soil. They will try, with continuous updatesto get it to the level they expected the title should have at launch, at least trying to make the players who bought it less disappointed.

DICE and Battlefield 2042 support

As also stated by the vice president of the company, DICE is focused only on support for Battlefield 2042. Vice President Rebecka Coutaz said to the GameIndustry.biz portal, remarking how much the software house really cares about remedying their flagship title:

There is no time for anything else and that’s what we want to do. In three years, we want to become the first person shooter powerhouse that SAYS deserves to be, and that’s what we want.

DICE is focused on supporting Battlefield 2042

Sniffing the risk of leaving perhaps the most important slice of players they have disappointed, Coutaz also said he was in debt with the Battlefield community and wants to fix it as soon as possible by recognizing how disappointed the players and the community have been, as has the development team. He also said that on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the studio and the 20th of Battlefield, it is really difficult to accept to let the players down. What do you think? Are you in that part of players who were disappointed with the DICE title? Are you confident about the next updates for the game? Let us know in the comments below!

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