In occasione del Data Protection Day, 7 consigli per proteggere al meglio i propri dati thumbnail

On the occasion of Data Protection Day, 7 tips to better protect your data

CertiDeala site specializing in refurbished tech devices, aims to make consumers aware of the importance of online privacy during the Data Protection Day to be held on January 28. For this reason, CertiDeal recommends some precautions when browsing the web and using your smartphone.

Data Protection Day, 7 tips to protect your data

Ecco 7 tips to better protect your data according to CertiDeal, on the occasion of Data Protection Day.

Data Protection Day, the importance of choosing strong passwords

Often for fear of forgetting your access code they are created password too easy. In fact, it is not recommended, for example, to create access keys only with numbers or letters, or again, to choose some recurrence (such as birthdays, anniversaries, national holidays). A little help could be to use special symbols with alternating uppercase or lowercase letters. However, it is essential not to use the same password for multiple accounts.

Data Protection Day, check app permissions on your device

The apps allow you to answer any request or need. However, it is essential to keep their authorizations under control. With both systems (Android and iOS) it is possible to monitor each individual authorization and “deactivate” those to be excluded using switches.

Control which third-party apps and services access your personal data

Another step to start protecting your privacy is to limit the sharing of personal data with third-party applications connected to social networks or Google accounts. Therefore, it is not recommended to register on various platforms with the “login with Facebook” or “login with Google Account” mode, thus trying to avoid that the Login leads to the sharing of personal information.

Small tip: use browsers that do not share your personal or browsing data with third parties. An example? Qwant e Ecosia.

In addition to being a choice for data protection with Ecosia, you make a choice greenin fact, this search engine reinvests the proceeds of adv actions to reforest areas of the world that have suffered serious environmental damage.

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Turn off geolocation

To avoid providing ad hoc recommendations and ads based on stores that have been visited even once, it is important disable location services when they’re not needed, and deny access to your location to apps you don’t need to use.

Turn on incognito browsing

It is now possible today browse “privately” on all browsers, from Safari to Chrome, from Mozilla to Edge. In fact, with this mode it will be possible to navigate so that the search history, cookies, download history and access credentials to the various accounts are not stored.

Use good antivirus software

Mostly, for monitor browsing, download a good one antivirus is among the operations to be performed in order to protect personal data. There are many paid and unpaid programs and software available that ensure a good level of protection. To dwell, when choosing the product, on the company information, the reviews and any available upgrades.

When using WiFi, it must be a secure connection

Finally, last but not least, CertiDeal draws attention to the fact that it happens that attacks are made on public WiFi networks and not protected by encryption, when you choose to use an insecure network it is equivalent to directly exposing yourself to possible attacks by computer pirates.

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