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Skam Italia is back on Netflix with the sixth season

Surprise announcement by Netflix: Skam Italia will return with a sixth season on the streaming platform

The path of Skam Italia seemed to have ended with the fifth season, instead the series, so suddenly, was renewed for a sixth season, which is already in production. The announcement came directly from Netflix’s social channels, which released a photo of the script of Shame Italy 6 with the inscription “season 6 is in production”. A sudden, unexpected announcement that sparked the joy of the fans, who by now had very little hope for a return of the series. Therefore, the parable of Skam Italia continues, which already with the fifth season had surpassed its original Norwegian and now continues with a new unpublished season, expected soon on Netflix.

Skam Italia: what to expect from the sixth season on Netflix

In addition to the news of the renewal, Netflix has not released any details about the new season of Skam Italia. The arrival on the platform of the series could arrive towards the end of 2023, but also directly in 2024, the most probable scenario at the moment. No news even on the cast and the plot: it is probable that there could be a changing of the guard, however, considering that the protagonists have now grown up and the adolescent setting that marked the series would be lost. We could, therefore, see a new group of protagonists, perhaps connected to the previous ones, but still younger. Surely at the center of the new season of Skam Italia there will be a new one himeven on this, however, it is impossible to make predictions, also because as mentioned, the season is completely original since the Italian version of Skam has now surpassed all the others.

Net of many cancellations that have created a lot of controversy in recent times, this time Netflix goes against the trend and renew a series that seemed to have come to an end. On the one hand there is the jubilation of the fans, overjoyed by the news of returning to see one of the best productions of recent years on the Italian scene, on the other, as always, there is the fear that the rope will be too tight and that , with too many changes, the series ends up distorting itself. Only time will tell who is right, for the moment the great news is that there will be a sixth season of Skam Italia on Netflix.

All seasons of the series

While waiting for the release of Skam Italia 6 on Netflix, all the previous five seasons of the series can be recovered on the streaming platform.

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