On the Run with Santa Claus: the trailer with Giampaolo Morelli on Netflix

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On the Run with Santa Claus, an Italian Christmas comedy on Netflix starring Giampaolo Morelli and Ilaria Spada, is shown in the first official trailer

Less than a month before Christmas, Netflix has revealed its Italian proposal for the holidays, the comedy for the whole family On the Run with Santa Claus, with Giampaolo Morelli and Ilaria Spada, arriving on the platform on December 15th. On the occasion of the now imminent release, the streaming giant has therefore shared the fun official trailer of the project.

Directed by Volfango De Blasi, On the Run with Santa Claus is the story of an unlikely friendship, that between a thief and Antonio, a seven-year-old boy who will experience the most magical of adventures on Christmas Day. Below you will find the trailer and the official synopsis of the film.

The trailer and synopsis of Runaway with Santa on Netflix

Antonio is 7 years old and has lost his father. On Christmas Eve he doesn’t want gifts, he just wants to fly with Santa’s sleigh to the star where his dad lives. For this reason, when he sees Santa Claus coming down from the roof of his house, he decides to follow him as his helper. He doesn’t know that under the beard and hat there is a thief hiding, who has decided to use this disguise to steal undisturbed. Who would ever stop Santa Claus? House after house, burglary after burglary, they will spend a special night that they will never forget and which will change their lives forever.

Volfango De Blasi therefore directs his fourth Christmas comedy, after the three films born from the partnership with Lillo & Greg: An Amazing Christmas, Christmas with the Boss and Christmas in London – God Save the Queen. Alongside Morelli and Spada, the cast is completed by Mario De La Rosa, Elisa Di Eusanio, Michela Andreozzi, Renato Marchetti, Marco Conidi, Romano Talevi, Federico Tocci and Ninni Bruschetta and little Enea Indraccolo.

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