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One Piece Live Action: release, trailer, cast and everything we know!

Here’s everything we know about the highly anticipated One Piece, the live action coming out in the next few days, on the Netflix platform

After months and months, the wait is finally over, it will come up in the next few days Netflix one of the most anticipated live action of the year. We are clearly talking about One Piecethe brand new adaptation of the manga written and illustrated by Eiichirō Order and subsequently became a very successful anime. Now, the adventures of Monkey D. Rufy and his companions Zoro, Nami, Usopp e Sanji, played by real-life actors, are about to land in streaming. Here’s everything we need to know about it!

One Piece Live Action: release, trailer, cast and everything we know!

Plot and cast | One Piece Live Action: release, trailer, cast and everything we know!

The live action will show the very first adventures of Monkey D. Luffy, the young eager for adventures, who will decide to leave by sea, in search of the legendary One Piece treasure, which will allow him to become the King of the Pirates. To do this, he will need a crew and a ship, which will finally take him to sea and which will allow him to face the many enemies he will meet in his path.

Anyone who already knows the original plot of One Piece knows how full of episodes this is which, for obvious reasons, cannot be transposed into a single season. It is logical to think that the success of these first episodes will determine the creation of new seasonsas had already happened in the past for other similar projects, derived from very successful anime.

One Piece Live Action: release, trailer, cast and everything we know!

Since the release of the first images, the live action has received positive comments for the choice of the cast. The multi-ethnic group consists of Inaki Godoywho will lend the face to the protagonist Luffy, Mackenyu which will be Roronoa Zoro ed Emily Rudd who will instead play the role of Nami. Jacob Romero will impersonate Usopp, while Taz Skylar it will be Sanji. They complete the cast Jeff Wardwho will play Bagy the Clown, Peter Gadiot who will lend his face to Shanks, Vincent Regan will play Monkey D. Garp, Morgan Davies those of Kobi e Langley Kirkwood Morgan’s.

Trailer and release date

If the first trailer released by Netflix hadn’t positively impressed everyone, with the new advances we can say that many have changed their minds. In fact, it cannot be denied that the attention to detail and to the original anime version is incredible, despite the fact that the transposition of a world inhabited by characters with a very particular appearance and character is not easy at all. However, the series can count on the participation of the same Eiichiro Odaas executive producer, alongside Marty Adelstein, Becky Clements, Matt Owens e Steven Maeda. The latter two are also writers and showrunners of the show.

We just have to wait for the August 31stwhen finally the 8 episodes will be available on the platform. We just have to wait to set sail, together with our heroes, this time in the flesh, to relive the very first adventures of this very successful story. We of everything we are no longer in the skin!

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