OnePlus announces a new event for the Nord series

OnePlus annuncia un nuovo evento per la serie Nord thumbnail

OnePlus announces an event for the series Nordwhich will see the launch of three new devices: OnePlus Nord 2T, OnePlus Nord CE 2 Lite e OnePlus Nord Buds. The appointment is for May 19th at 4pm. But OnePlus has already revealed some interesting details.

OnePlus announces a new event for the Nord series

For those looking for a mid-range smartphone but with some features ‘stolen’ from the top of the range, OnePlus Nord 2T it might be the most interesting device. In fact, it promises to have some excellent features such as a refill SuperVOOC 80Wthe same charging technology that we find on OnePlus 10 Pro.

But another smartphone arrives at OnePlus, which this year has many new features ready for technology enthusiasts. Indeed there is OnePlus Nord CE 2 Lite, which should provide the “quintessence of the OnePlus experience” at a reduced price. Indeed it should have a large battery and fast charging.

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The company is also about to launch the first audio product of the Nord line, the OnePlus Nord Buds. A way to offer world-class audio quality at a much more affordable price.

At the moment OnePlus hasn’t given us a lot of details about these new devices, but in the coming days more information should arrive on the social channels and in the OnePlus Community forums. The launch event called The Speed Games will be broadcast for the whole community on the OnePlus YouTube channel.

We will keep you updated with all the news for these three devices, two smartphones and a pair of headphones that promise to bring a lot of technology at an affordable price. But it remains to be seen whether OnePlus will deliver on its promise – we’ll find out only on May 19th at 4pm.

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