Samsung: announces the new Memory Card PRO Endurance

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Samsung announces the new Memory Card PRO Endurance, optimized for surveillance and on-board cameras. Longer-lasting, higher-capacity microSD card allows continuous recording and playback for up to 16 years, so you can watch every moment

Samsung Electronicsa world leader in advanced memory technologies, has announced the new microSD card Samsung PRO Endurance. Uniquely designed, so as to meet the strict requests from the sector of surveillance camerasfrom the on-board video camerasper the home environmentfrom the Body Cam and much more. The card offers improved durability and high performance for continuous, smooth and reliable recording and playback.

Samsung: announces the new Memory Card PRO Endurance

Samsung electronics: parole at Kyu Young Lee

Kyu Young Leevice president del Team Memory Brand Product Biz per Samsung Electronic ha dichiarato:

From CCTV cameras to door post cameras, the need for long-lasting, high-performance video surveillance solutions is continuing to grow, and the PRO Endurance has been designed to support this need. Consumers and businesses alike will benefit from continuous high-resolution recording, even in extreme conditions, provided by our new memory card.

Samsung: announces the new Memory Card PRO Endurance

Maximum reliability and improved performance

Designed with flash memory NANDthe card PRO Endurance can deliver up to 16 years (140,160 hours) of continuous recording, so that any potential critical moments are tracked. This means that a single PRO Endurance card can last as long as 33 card with a typical speed, thus allowing you to to save money on frequent replacement and supplying costs wide reliabilityfor him continuous monitoring of video material.

The new Samsung memory card also offers a speed reading and writing respectively up to 100 megabytes per second (MB / s), and up to 40 MB/s3and is classified in Class 10 with video speeds up to U3 (UHS speed class) e V30 (Video Speed ​​Class 30). This makes it the tool ideal to handle large, high-resolution files, making it possible to seamlessly record and playback in Full HD e 4K.

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