OnePlus celebrates 9 years of activity by putting its community at the center

OnePlus festeggia 9 anni di attività mettendo al centro la sua community thumbnail

OnePlusa global mobile technology brand, already has in the past involved with their community in the process of designing and perfecting the devices, showing them how important their opinion was. This time he made it through the first again OnePlus AR WearAbles Design Contest.

OnePlus e l’AR WearAbles Design Contest

With the aim of putting fans at the center, OnePlus called the first one OnePlus AR WearAbles Design Contestwhich featured Ben 50,000 people in just two weeks. After an initial phase of pre-selection and nomination by professional designers and product managers, the members of the community were able to vote the winner of the contest.

The prize

The first prize went to community users OnePlus @Concept Centralwho had the opportunity, in this way, to co-create a non-functioning prototype together with the designers and AR experts of the OPPO Research Institute.

OnePlus Featuring: The keyboard created with users

A new home project OnePlus is OnePlus Featuring: In collaboration with users, a customizable mechanical keyboard and will be the new standard of co-creation by the technology brand.

The keyboard will come with a double-seal design that will make typing an even more experience fluid. Quality materials will ensure maximum performance of the item, with a CNC aluminum body that is cool to the touch and for long time use.

Also, to make the keyboard experience easier, it will be identical to keyboards MacBook, in order to adapt to the iOS operating system. The product will support advanced features, such as open-source, hot-swappable firmware, which will enable easy replacement of keyboard switches.

What is OnePlus

OnePlus is a global mobile technology brand that challenges conventional concepts of technology. Created following the mantra “Never Settle”, OnePlus creates devices with elegant designs, premium build quality and high-performance hardware. OnePlus thrives on cultivating strong connections and growing together with its community users and fans.

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