Concept Luna, Dell combines modular design and automation

Concept Luna, il PC dal design sostenibile di Dell incontra l'automazione thumbnail

Dell keep evolving your own Concept Luna, a PC design that allows you to reduce waste and focus on sustainability. By combining this design with robotic automation and intelligent telemetry, the company aims to revolutionize the sector and invest in circularity.

Concept Luna, Dell focuses on sustainability (even with robotic automation)

Every year we discard up to 57 million tons of e-waste, more than the weight of the Chinese wall. Dell therefore aimed to imagine a future in which electronic components are used two, three or four times, giving new life to devices. The Concept Luna announced last year wants to focus on circularity as the keystone for a more sustainable future.

In this year the engineers of theExperience Innovation Group di have worked to perfect the modular design of the Luna, eliminating the need for adhesives and cables and minimizing the use of screws. This greatly speeds up the time for disassembling the devices.

If today it takes an hour to disassemble a PC, with the Concept Luna takes just a few minutes. So much so that Dell has commissioned a micro-factory that uses robots to quickly disassemble the laptop.

This made it possible to combine the design of Concept with the smart telemetry and with robotic automation, with the potential to speed up the teardown for all future Dell PCs. Also because with telemetry it becomes possible to evaluate the state of health of the various components, understanding how to reuse or dispose of them.

This allows us to start the path towards a future made of sustainable computers, designed in a modular way and disassembled from machines to ensure that nothing goes to waste.

This will also allow Dell to achieve its Advancing Sustaibility goals, for a sustainable future without giving up the best of technology.

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