OnePlus Nord CE 5G: the new OnePlus home device

The new OnePlus Nord CE 5G has finally been announced, with limited availability for the OnePlus Community. Let’s see together what it is

OnePlus Nord CE 5G, thelast arrived of the North line of OnePlus, will be available already before of her official release, exclusively for the community OnePlus tramite and Core Sales at the following link. Core Sales a limited time will open the June 10 at 5:15 pm, immediately after the launch event, and will end at 1:00 am on June 12, 2021. OnePlus community members will need to visit the link to OnePlus Nord CE 5G product page per place orders. All the community members that will buy OnePlus Nord CE 5G during the Core Sales period will be i first to receive early delivery of the new device, a start from the June 14.

OnePlus Nord CE 5G: the new OnePlus home device

OnePlus Nord CE 5G: i Core Sales

Core Sales will be accessible for the community by OnePlus in all over Europe. In line with the idea of accessibility that it lives in the OnePlus Nord Core Edition 5G, the Core Sales are there confirmation that OnePlus and commits always to have a constant relationship with the propria community.

This initiative is in line with the tradition of OnePlus of organize pop-up events, as the opportunity for the community to be there get your hands first on latest devices. During the years, thousands of members of the community of OnePlus all over the world have made the queue for hours, just to be i first ad win onlatest OnePlus release. Considering the indications for containing the pandemic, OnePlus has organized this special online initiative “Core Sales” to give to its community the opportunity to be there first to receive OnePlus Nord CE 5G, which will arrive on the market in a few days.

OnePlus Nord CE 5G: the new OnePlus home device

As the name suggests, this is a product that sight really to deliver a fantastic experience.

OnePlus has kept the true essence of North, selecting the main elements e adding a couple of extra features to offer one smartphone that is above expectations. It is rich in providing functionality, as the triple camera gives 64MP, capable of shooting clear photos e sharp that enhance the details, and the 5G technology, which guarantees a outstanding device today is fantastic in the future. Indeed, this device will be one of the 5G options more convenient available from OnePlus. Also it is the device thinner from the times of OnePlus 6T and comes with a headphone jack gives 3,5mm, to add a extra touch to the whole user experience.

OnePlus Nord CE 5G will be presented in Europe the June 14. Per to look the launch event, accedi a Launch Event Livestream Channel alle 16:00.

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