OnePlus Nord Success: the key features

OnePlus shows us how the last two Norths have achieved resounding success in a short time. Let’s discover their secrets together

OnePlus recently expanded your own line of Nord products with two new devices, OnePlus North CE e OnePlus Nord 2, elements fundamental in the corporate strategy to make theOnePlus experience more accessible to users offering products in all price ranges. OnePlus Nord 2 5G is one complete smartphone 360 degrees, equipped with different features flagship and that triumphs over mid-range products from almost all points of view: the flagship killer of the 2021. OnePlus Nord CE 5G, the killer of mid-range, offers a OnePlus experience rapid e fluent yet price extremely accessible.

OnePlus Nord Success: the key features

OnePlus Nord Success: the strengths

Both devices offer one great experience, in full OnePlus style: their goal is revolutionize the mediocrity which too often characterizes the mid-range smartphone sector, presenting both some key features than them distinguish from the competition in the same price range. Here are the “lethal weapons” they make OnePlus North CE e OnePlus Nord 2 real ones smartphone killer:

  • Slow reload killer: Users they won’t have to worry the duration of the battery of your smartphone, as both devices are equipped with OnePlus warp charging technology. OnePlus Nord 2, equipped with a double cell battery system from 4500mAh, with just a quick charge in the morning it recharges from 0 to 100% in less than 35 minutes. Nord 2 also fits for reduce the time spent at 100% during charging, so as to keep the battery healthy during overnight charging. OnePlus North CE comes with a large battery from 4.500mAh and, with the improved Warp Charge 30T Plus charging technology, the battery charges at the same rate as the original Nord, from 0 to 70% in just half an hour.
  • Poor camera killers in mid-range phones: OnePlus Nord 2 5G combines the powerful hardware photographic with software improvements assisted by artificial intelligence, to offer aexceptional photographic experience e versatile. Nord 2 brings important improvements to the night photography with OIS and the main sensor Sony IMX766 gives 50MP, which is capable of capturing the 56% more light than the Sony IMX586 of the first North. With the mode Nightscape Ultra, users are able to shoot better photos it’s more bright even in low light conditions, up to 1 lux. OnePlus Nord CE sports a powerful one triple camera configuration rear with a camera principal gives 64MP with a wide opening f/1.79 that catches sharp images and ad high resolution and next-level detail in bright light and a lens ultra wide angle gives 119° for added versatility. On the front, Nord CE features a camera gives 16MP to capture fantastic selfie and, like all OnePlus flagships, it is equipped with Nightscape for a best photographic experience in conditions of poor lighting.
  • Lazy software killers and boring experiences: OnePlus Nord 2 5G is powered by the processor MediaTek Dimensity 1200-AI, which offers performance of the CPU the 65% faster e performance of the GPU the 125% compared to the performance of OnePlus North released in July 2020. OnePlus worked on close contact with MediaTek to improve the functionality based onartificial intelligence processor. North CE it is powered by a mobile platform Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G 5G, which offers an increase in CPU of the 20% he was born in 10% of the GPU compared to its predecessor, thanks to the CPU Kryo 570 and to GPU Adreno 619. The advances made with the AI ​​Engine also offer users aexperience incredibly fluent e intuitive, from more challenging games to improved voice chat. On top of all that, both devices support 5G connectivity and are pre-installed with OxygenOS 11, the fastest and most responsive OnePlus software developed to date. OxygenOS 11 offers significant improvements to beloved features such as Dark Mode, Zen Mode and a new one Always On Display.
  • Mediocre display killers: OnePlus Nord 2 is equipped with a excellent AMOLED display fluid from 6.43 in with a framerate of 90Hz. With new features like AI Color Boost e AI Resolution Boost, that improve i colors e increase the resolution from the most used apps, North 2 offer experiences visual vivid e dynamics, as well as optimal illumination even in very bright outdoor scenarios. Nord CE sports a display instead AMOLED gives 6,43″ a 90Hz that makes it all incredibly smooth and responsive. To make things even better, HDR10+ offer vivid colors to ensure an engaging and enjoyable viewing experience.

OnePlus Nord Success: the key features

For users who stand evaluating the purchase of these devices killer, OnePlus delivers great offers during the September. These include one Discount from 30€ offered on OnePlus Nord CE 5G exclusively on from 20 to 26 September 2021. Furthermore, with i Autumn Sales available on until the end of September, with the purchase of OnePlus Nord CE 5G, consumers get a discount of 90% on OnePlus Handy Fanny Pack, a discount dell’83% on OnePlus Buds Z and a discount of 20% su OnePlus Nord CE 5G “keep it safe bundle“.

In addition, the consumers who buy OnePlus Nord 2 5G its they can also access one Discount of the 50% su OnePlus Buds Z, del 40% your OnePlus Buds e del 20% su OnePlus Nord 2 5G “keep it safe bundle“.

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