OnePlus svela il suo nuovo smartwatch dalla batteria eccezionale thumbnail

OnePlus unveils its new smartwatch with an exceptional battery •

OnePlus Watch 2: this is the name of the new smartwatch launched by the Chinese company, on the occasion of Mobile World Congress of Barcelona. An innovative project, which has its roots in a very long research in the years that separate it from the launch of the first model. And which now allows OnePlus to return to the market with truly great ambitions.

OnePlus Watch 2, the new smartwatch with an extraordinary battery

Three years of research and insights, to succeed identify all the key features that make a smartwatch the best ever. A careful study of the parameters to consider, in order to best direct development.

And from all this work it emerged OnePlus Watch 2, which now heads straight for the Best High-End Smartwatch award. This is thanks to a Sapphire crystal dial it’s a stainless steel bodywhich make it very resistant and particularly elegant at the same time.

But the real killer feature of this smartwatch is the battery life, which really aims high. Thanks to careful resource management and a system extraordinarily innovative in fact OnePlus Watch 2 promises to achieve good results 100 hours of duration in Smart mode. A very high seal, which will make the user experience much better.

Children LiuCOO and President of OnePlus, commented on this launch as follows:

“After a three-year pause for reflection following the launch of Watch 1, OnePlus Watch 2 is ready to hit the market and we are more confident than ever about this product. This confidence is not unfounded, but is built on the foundation of substantial advances in our technology ecosystem and capabilities. The Watch 2 signals our determination to transform from ‘Flagship Killer’ to ‘Ecosystem Builder’. It will provide an experience that is not just improved, but completely transformed.”

For more information on this smartwatch and all the other news from OnePlusyou can visit the company’s official website.

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