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Interview with Giovanna Farinola: writing as a force that moves life

Art is a world characterized by countless facets. Music, drawing, dance, acting, photography and writing. The interview with Giovanna Farinola focuses precisely on this last form

Dante Alighieri, within the Divine Comedy (in the XXXIII canto of Paradise, v. 145), delighted us with this phrase: The love that moves the sun and the other stars. The final verse with which the great poet closes his magnificent work. Instead, we need it to open the interview with Giovanna Farinola, who made the love of writing his dream, too big to fit in a drawer. She was born in Terlizzi on 14 March 1994, she toured the surrounding area, living in Molfetta and then moving to Bisceglie. After many years the young author wanted give voice to herself publishing his novel, entitled Two lives.

Interview: Giovanna Farinola explains her journey to us

Art tends to tell aspects of us that would probably remain unexpressed. Among these forms there is writing, which led you to make us travel, page by page, inside Two Lives. How was this novel born?

If I answered: from a dream, it would be an understatement. But it’s also the truth. A dream so vivid that I could write one screen-play in poche ore. Over the years I went to reread it every now and then to immerse myself in that mental film. When I had the opportunity and the time available, I decided what to do and in less than a few months I transformed those dialogues into a narrative story. Giving shape to the novel and creating a story around those dialogues. So it may have been born from a dream, influenced by the evening vision of Gothika, but it is also true that it was probably just there locked up in my unconscious that wanted to be freed and, through a simple keyboard and letters, it emerged.

A kind of visceral project which completely got me.

A loving, sentimental and even psychological journey. Would you mind explaining these three aspects of your book to us?

I wanted to make all the characters as real and human as possible. Characterized up to tip of the hair of each of them. I left nothing to chance. Aurora, Stefan, Blake, Liam and even secondary characters, like Sebastian or the college dean, have their own strengths and weaknesses which I wanted to bring out through narration. Just as we in reality are dominated by our feelings, the protagonists of this story also show through their stories how fragile and strong we are at the same time.

Whether it is the feeling of love, friendship, hatred or fear and even the hypocrisy that we experience daily with ourselves, everything is clearly visible to the reader’s eye.

Interview with Giovanna Farinola: the novel Two Lives and the message she wants to share

Two lives, a captivating title that leaves room for interpretation. What message do you want to leave with these two words?

It was really hard for me to find a title for this novel. From the beginning of writing the third part I still didn’t have in mind what to call it. Then, thinking back to what I really wanted the reader to understand, I understood the perfect title: Two lives. She is not understood as two different people, but as the same. Within the story we slowly and pleasantly discover various facets of the characters, giving the impression of living two livesthe one they present with the people they meet and the internal one, the secret one, which we would never want others to discover.

In this case, however, the two protagonists will discover how their two lives can intersect and instead of giving life to an addition, they can create a multiplied stability for herself.

Giovanna Farinola, interview: but who is behind the artist?

In addition to the purely artistic background, the question arises spontaneously: who is behind Giovanna Farinola?

I would like to give a purely philosophical answer: Everything and Nobody. If before publishing this book I thought I was a simple mother, now a wife and housewife with a passion for reading, music and singing, after publication I understood that in this modern world, in reality I am the Nobody who wants to emerge and not give up.

Interview with Giovanna Farinola: writing as a force that moves life

Giovanna Farinola: goals and dreams

The chat with Giovanna Farinola was truly enlighteningsince the young author spoke about herself with extreme sincerity and humility, after having forcefully embraced her dream, to which she is very attached and for which she must be very proud.

The novel Two livespublished on 27 January 2024 by the publishing house BookSprint Edizioni, is available on Amazon both in paper and digital format. A romance capable of captivating readers.

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