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Online betting: some considerations to avoid nasty surprises

If you are passionate about online betting, there are some aspects that you need to keep in mind in order not to run into any nasty surprises. Let’s see some considerations together

Online gaming has completely changed the lives of many fans. Thanks to the web, betting sites and online casinos have become much more accessible. This for sure it is an advantage because you can play comfortably seated from the armchair at home and at any time of the day, but it is also a risk because the web is full of dangers and evildoers are the first to want to exploit our weaknesses. So here are some tips to avoid nasty surprises!

Online betting: some considerations to avoid nasty surprises

Online betting: we avoid losing control

The first enemy of ourselves is certainly… our own self. With the wide availability of online games at all hours and bets on all types of events, the risk of losing control is very high. As in casinos, the managers use tricks to avoid letting us go, even online sites try, trying to get us to play as much as possible. But there are ways to protect ourselves and our bank accounts.

In fact, you can set time limits for access or use. Both on PC and smartphone we can download apps to automatically block a web page or another application after a certain time of use has passed or after a certain time. Not only. Betting sites and online casinos also offer the possibility to set maximum spending and top-up limits for your profile. Always set these limits sensibly so that you don’t lose all your gambling savings.

Online betting: some considerations to avoid nasty surprises

Protect yourself from the bad guys

Of course, there are also many bad guys. How to protect yourself? Maybe using a VPN is never wrong. But we can do even more. Before anyone else we always use sites that have been certified by the Customs and Monopoly Agency (ADM), the state body that deals with regulating gambling. The sites that are certified must demonstrate that they respect a series of rules to protect the consumer, his privacy and his health.

Another good practice is do not use our bank account or credit card details directly. Instead, we use a PayPal account or a prepaid account with IBAN or a virtual account that we will dedicate only to the game. In this way we avoid having a direct channel on our savings and therefore making it impossible for criminals to steal data. It also makes it more difficult for us to lose control: once we run out of budget in the dedicated account we will not be able to directly access other savings!

Obviously as a last tip: never believe those who promise too easy money. It is probably just a scam. Serious sites always offer reasonable and risk-commensurate quotes. Also be wary of miraculous predictions that usually lead nowhere.

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