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Online casinos: what are the most popular games?

Online casinos offer tons of games, perhaps even more than brick-and-mortar casinos. But what are the most loved games among gamers? Let’s see together

Online casinos move billions of euros every year and thrill millions of people around the world. Thanks to the potential of the web and digital technologies, games have been created that are increasingly engaging and accessible to all. But as we will see they all originate from traditional casino games. Are you curious?

Online casinos: what are the most popular games?

Online casino: the most popular games

What will be the most popular games in Italian online casinos? Not only will we tell you what they are, but we will also teach you the main rules!


Poker is the game par excellence. With online tournaments, anyone can access a virtual gaming room. There are rooms for all budgets allow you to enter with a few euros or even with totally virtual chips for those who only love the game and do not want to risk.

The rules are simple. We have cards in hand – and in the Texas Hold’em variant also on the game table – and the goal is beat opponents with a combination of multiple for cardsyou. The most common card combinations are less strong than the rarest ones. The psychological component is fundamental though. For each hand you have to bet or give up the hand, without knowing what the opponents have in hand, who can also pretend to have a good combination. Will you trust it?

Online casinos: what are the most popular games?

Bingo and Tombola

Bingo in Anglo-Saxon countries, Tombola in Italy. This is perhaps the best known game even outside of casinos. Who has never played bingo, perhaps on Christmas or New Year’s Eve? The dynamics are simple. Each player is given tablets with gods random numbers from 1 to 99. Then the winning numbers are drawn at random. The player who completes his ticket first wins and obviously must urare at the top of your lungs “Bingo!” or “Bingo!”, if you prefer. Perhaps in this case the live version is more fun though.


For non-casinos, Baccarat is perhaps unknown. But it’s actually a popular card game. There are tons of versions of this game. However, the scheme is always the same: the bank and a player compete, while other bettors can bet on the victory of one or the other and in some cases even on the tie. In practice, the challenge consists in totaling a maximum number of points with the cards held in hand. All figures are worth 10. The numbered cards are worth what is indicated. To calculate the score, all the cards are added together and only the units are extrapolated. For example, if the cards in the dealer’s possession are for example a 9 and a 6, the result is 9 + 6 = 15 and therefore we consider 5, removing the ten.

Online casinos: what are the most popular games?

Slot Machine

The classic of the classics, which we find in all gaming rooms, even the most minimal or even in non-AAMS casinos. Luck is the only thing that matters here. The aim is to get the winning combination. In online casinos the slot machine concept has been expanded. Now you can find eye-catching graphics and increasingly imaginative combos. There are also themed versions and even slot machines that are forbidden to minors under 18! Do you understand why they are famous?

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