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Online jackpots and their characteristics

Online casinos offer games with different functionalities, in order to meet as diverse an audience as possible

In addition to fixed prizes, bonuses and various promotions, a significant role is played by jackpot games, the dynamics of which are particularly prominent in slots.

Origin of the name and basic mechanism

The name jackpot initially derives from Jacks or Better, a variant of poker commonly found also in casinos operating on the web. Its mechanism was then extended to the world of slots, one of the micro-sectors most loved by casino players both in traditional ways and for online use. The basic concept of jackpot provides that for each play a part of the value of the same is directed to a jackpot that gradually accumulates, rising more and more and reaching even considerable figures, until a user finds a perfect combination that allows him to win the entire amount generated up to that instant. Then it starts again from a pre-established value depending on the single game.

It goes without saying that, when playing online casinos, the presence of titles with jackpots is very attractive, even more when it comes to slots, easy-to-manage games for which it is not necessary to learn complex tactics and strategies. However, it is important to note that by their very nature jackpots are rarely hit. Furthermore, there are no specific rules that can increase the chances of cashing them. In reliable and legal online casinos, the results of slots, as well as of all other games, are in fact managed by a random number generator, an indispensable tool for fair and correct gameplay. The stimulus deriving from the proposal of a jackpot within a game must therefore not lead to think of high probabilities of winnings of large amounts; it can happen, sure, but not often.

Different types of jackpots

Jackpots are mainly categorized into two types, namely fixed and progressive jackpots. In the first case, the potential extra winnings have a fixed value that cannot be changed. In the second case, however, the odds increase according to the hands played and the size of the bets. Progressive jackpots can also be local, i.e. referring to a single game and a single casino, or they can combine the stakes of a casino network or of several games present on the same platform.

Taking a look at the rich panorama of slots provided by the most developed online casinos, we can list some examples of titles with jackpots: the many slots of the Age of the Gods series, Jackpot Bells, Gem Splash Marylin Monroe, Gem Splash Rainbow’s Gift, Gladiator Jackpot , Joker Hot Reels, Great Blue Jackpot, Kingdoms Rise Shadow Queen, Sweet Party and more. Their jackpot can reach very considerable amounts, but as mentioned the winning percentages are not high. In any case, the jackpot is a further point of appeal to ensure that even novice users can be tempted to experiment with online casinos, in the awareness, however, of always controlled and responsible gaming.