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Online slot machines: how to choose the best ones

In this piece we will give some tips on how to choose the best online slot machines to play in virtual casinos. Let’s see the details together!

Slot machines are one of the most popular games in casinos, both physical and online. In every arcade, even the smallest, we find slot machines. With the advent of the online casino the situation has not changed or maybe it got better. We find many fun online slot machines and with many more possibilities. But how to recognize the best ones? We give you some useful tips!

Online slot machines: how to choose the best ones

RTP: you must know him!

RTP is the most important parameter of any gambling game. It is about the “Return to Player” or the average percentage of the money played that the user will find himself in his pocket at the end. This is an average figure, if we are lucky we will have a positive RTP and therefore we will win, if we are unlucky we will have a negative RTP and therefore we will lose. But why is the average value important? the higher it is, the lower the probability of going home empty-handed. Basically the slots that pay the most are those with high RTP. Make sure you research the RTP of the slots you want to use.

Online slot machines for newbies and experts

With the advent of online casinos, slots have become more and more complex. They can submit many reels – we usually find 3 to 5 of them in traditional slots – and the winning lines they can be multiple. But be careful: more paylines does not automatically mean more chances of winning, however it can make the game more fun. If you are gods newbiesHowever, our advice is to focus on simple 3-reel online slot machines because they are more intuitive and have fewer paylines. If you are more shrewd, you can look for slots with more than 3 reels and games that are out of the ordinary. For example, in “Buy-A-Pay” games the winnings will be proportional to the bet and in order to take home the jackpot you need to make a maximum bet.

Online slot machines: how to choose the best ones

The eye wants its part

Modern online slot machines boast high quality graphics and sound effects. Instead of the classic reproduction of the cabinet games that we find in bars, today we can access slot machines with all kinds of features. There really are for every theme: from history to mass culture, let yourself be carried away in real stories while playing thanks to graphic and sound effects. All this will make the game more fun and addictive!

I bonus nelle slot machine online

As often happens in online casinos, bonuses are often offered or the possibility of having free credit to spend on games. In the case of slots, in addition to the traditional online casino bonuses, there is also the possibility of receiving free bets. When choosing a slot, also take into account the bonuses that are usually offered to players because they can be very useful!

Online slot machines: how to choose the best ones

Health First of all

The online slot machine, like all casino games, can be insidious and lead to pathologies. Make sure you always use games approved by ADM who checks to make sure that the operators of the sites where the slots are located respect the guidelines for the pprevention of gambling addiction.

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