Onlyfans also suspends Russian accounts

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More news from the Russia-Ukraine conflict. These days, in fact, too Onlyfans chose to temporarily suspend Russian accounts from the platform. More specifically, the Russian creators – but also the Ukrainian ones based in Russia – have no longer had the opportunity to access either their account or their earnings. A decision that comes in the wake of that of many other platforms, as well as the tightening of payment rules.

Onlyfans suspends the accounts of creators based in Russia

“Over the past few months we have explored several options for continuing to provide our services to creators affected by the Russia / Ukraine war. However, due to further tightening of payment restrictions to and from Russia, OnlyFans can no longer adequately serve our Russian creator community “. Thus the platform officially announced the suspension of the accounts of creators based in Russia. “As a result, we are taking steps to temporarily suspend accounts where payments are received in Russia.”

On the other hand, it is certainly not the first time that Onlyfans intervenes – in its own way – in the conflict that is affecting Eastern Europe. As soon as Putin’s troops began invading Ukraine, the platform immediately suspended the accounts of Russian creators. At that time, following the economic sanctions applied to Russia, the platform had blocked payments to creators, generating great panic in an already very difficult situation. The whole system was then restored, but now Onlyfans and Russia seem to be in the same situation. How will it end this time? We will find out only in the next few days.

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What is interesting is that the platforms continue to suspend Russian accounts from their activities, thus leaving the country’s users practically devoid of social networks (and not only). Considering the course of the war, the situation does not seem destined to end in the short term. In any case, it remains to be understood how it will evolve.

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