Philips enters the world of eSports

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Philips Italia officially enters the gaming world thanks to a partnership con Mkersknown reality in the eSports sector, becoming in fact sponsor del Team FIFA. With this collaboration, the company aims to build a bond with fans of the EA SPORTS game, and football in general. The Mkers team, in fact, has achieved quite a few successes in the sector, obtaining the title of FIFA 2021 Club World Champion, both on Xbox and on PlayStation. But let’s try to understand in more detail what will be the news that Philips will give us in the coming months.

Philips and Mkers together in the eSports sector

“Gaming is a sector that Philips intends to focus on, characterized by ever-growing numbers of fans. Hence the desire to collaborate with Mkers, the Italian leader in this market “. Like this Simone Marcucci of Philips comments on the recently signed partnership. An innovative collaboration, which resulted in the inclusion of Philips OneBlade as the main sponsor of the jersey official of the Mkers FIFA Team. The new jersey will be worn by Daniele ‘Prinsipe’ Paolucci, Cosimo Guarneri, Oliver ‘Oliboli’ Uttgren, and Mattias ‘xOpTolle’ Tolinsson, who will carry the name of Philips aloft during the matches of the current year.

But the partnership between Philips and Mkers goes far beyond just the sponsor. In fact, the creation of unpublished editorial content su Twitch, of which the above pro-players will be the protagonists. So get ready to welcome the “Draft Your Style” format, shot entirely by Mkers Gaming House. Prinsipe will be the main host, grappling with a live talk show in which we will see interesting gameplay moments. Finally, guests from the world of entertainment and sport are unmissable. As stated by Maurizio Quintavalle, Marketing Director of Mkers: “This collaboration, thanks to the numerous video and social content that will be created, will make it possible to relate some of the most important passions for a young target, minimizing the boundaries between gaming, entertainment and football. “. In short, we will see some good ones. On and off Twitch.

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