OnlyFans suspends the blocking of sexually explicit content

OnlyFans sospende il blocco ai contenuti sessualmente espliciti thumbnail

OnlyFans he decided to suspend the decision to block sexually explicit content from the platform. The decision comes after complaints from online users, with some creators making their voices heard. A spokesperson said the policy change should no longer be necessary.

OnlyFans suspends the blocking of sexually explicit content

Although OnlyFans did not begin as a platform for porn, the world of pornography has found its digital home on this site. Many adult content creators have decided to use this platform which allows you to digitally sell images, videos and other types of content. Some taking advantage of the pornography career built on other sites, others trying to launch it.

On OnlyFans, there is not only sexually explicit content. But it is precisely these that have made the platform famous. This is why many commenters were puzzled when they decided to block all adult posts. It seemed like a move that, to please investors, he cut the legs of the business. However, OnlyFans’ decision to reverse course does not come from market analysis but from user responses.

Thank you all for making your voices heard. We secured the resources needed to support our diverse community of creators and suspended the policy change scheduled for October 1. OnlyFans wants inclusion and will continue to be the home of every creative ”.

TechCrunch reporters also report when said by a spokesperson in an email: “the proposed policy changes of October 1 are no longer necessary due to the reassurances from banking partners that OnlyFans can support all kinds of creators ”. It seems that the creators have even convinced the investors.

The decision to go back comes after many of the 2 million creators have decided to remove their accounts and find alternative services. Some workers in the porn industry complained that the company was depriving them of their livelihoods. Whether they will come back remains to be seen: at the moment OnlyFans has around 130 million users, a decidedly significant basin.

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