OnlyOffice: video conferencing and mind maps integrated in the suite

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To meet all the people who will continue to do smart working, OnlyOffice integrates various software for the video conferencing and for creating mind maps within your software package. In order to provide the right tools to work for all its users.

OnlyOffice integrates video conferencing and mind mapping solutions

According to data from the Smart Working Observatory of the School of Management of the Politecnico di Milano, there will be 4.38 million smart workers in Italy. With hybrid formulas, on average with three flexible days in large companies and two in the PA.

La suite OnlyOffice di Ascension System therefore wanted to integrate solutions such as new plugins to work well even from home:, Jitsi e Doc2md. As he explains Galina Goduhina, Head of Sales at Ascensio System: “If it is true that agile work is the future, it is important to create tools capable of enabling it. Through the integration of these two new plugins, we continue our goal of improving the our document management suiteto better meet the needs of those who have to work on documents, whether at home or in the office. “

The integration of Jitsi allows you to use the open source tool for video conferencing. Totally free and encrypted, it has several useful features. For example you can transfer a room with a password. Integrating Jitsi at Docs you can discuss the documents you are drafting, organize webinars in which to explain their work. And also stream audio and video content directly from your PC.

Mind maps with

Another open source application, allows you to create a large amount of schematic content. We go from flowcharts to mind maps, through organizational charts, Venn diagrams, infographics and much more.

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You can thus brainstorm, organize your work with ready-made templates, collaborate with your colleagues in real time.

In the end, doc2md allows you to convert easily your docstrings in Markdown, quickly generating a file. In this way, those who have to publish a collaborative document on a website can convert it into Markdown without any problem, collaborating and sharing the results with colleagues.

You can find more news on all these integrations on the OnlyOffice website.

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