Ponti puts the QR Code on the bottles of apple cider vinegar

Ponti mette il QR Code sulle bottiglie di aceto di mele thumbnail

Il Ponti Group has found a smart solution to guarantee the quality of the own apple cider vinegar: and QR Code which certifies its sustainability and origin. In fact, with the new system the filiera becomes easily traceable and certified.

Ponti puts the QR Code on the bottles of apple cider vinegar

The Ponti Group invests approximately 2% of its turnover in research and development. Technology is also becoming increasingly important in the food & beverage sector. In particular, the company wants to apply the sustainability indicators of the UN 2030 agenda. Also because from 2021 it is one benefit companya legal form that legally commits the company to have a positive impact on society and the environment.

Among these initiatives, there is the enhancement of 100% traceable supply chain. One way to certify that the apples in the Ponti vinegar are all Italian, ripened in the sun of our peninsula. To do this, a QR Code arrives on the Ponti vinegar bottles that certifies their origin, indicating the variety, date of harvest and even the Municipality in which they are picked from the tree.

In this way you can know with certainty that the apples harvested in 2021 come from the Cuneo area, within 50 kilometers from the Paesana plant. Worked within 24 hours of arrival, they are certified by SGS, one of the world leaders in certification bodies. Who notarized the deeds through a sistema blockchain.

The CEOs Giacomo Ponti and Lara Ponti they explain: “We have implemented many initiatives related to the sustainability of our products, we have reduced the plastic in our packaging, modernized our plants making them more efficient, we have become a Benefit Company and we are committed to providing food support to the most needy families. Now the QR Code represents for us a further step in the direction of transparency towards consumers, in fact we believe that the safety of a traceable and sustainable supply chain is a priority to give the customer a valuable product “.

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