Opel Corsa: is the new generation on the way?

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It is one of the most popular small cars of recent years, but has been missing since 2019 in restyling. Today we talk about Opel Corsa!

After a long wait, the new Opel Corsa is finally arriving, the revised version of a historic model of the German car manufacturer. We are talking about a car, the Opel Corsa, which needs no introduction, having represented it for years a reference in the small car sector. Perfect for getting around the city, she has been able to intercept the needs and requirements of a vast category of customers. After the last generation, which was released in 2019, the Opel Corsa has achieved great sales success in its segment in many countries.

According to rumors, the new Opel Corsa will have a new front consistent with other models from the German automaker, as well as a new light design. News is also expected with regards to the rear and the lights. Many are evaluating the Opel Corsa long-term rental, an alternative formula to the purchase of a used Opel Corsa or Km 0, which allows you to dedicate yourself solely to driving, without all the tasks normally expected of car owners such as insurance or the maintenance. In the next paragraphs we will try to understand what they will be the main changes introduced for the new Opel Corsa, whose release is now imminent.

Opel Corsa: is the new generation on the way?

Opel Corsa front and interior design

Let’s start the overview on the possible news on the new generation of Opel Corsa now arriving with the new front design. The various anticipations tell us that the car will continue to use the CMP platformalready used by other cars such as the Peugeot 208. The style innovations should mainly focus on the front of the car, especially involving the bumpers, light clusters and front grille.

Even the interior of the new generation Opel Corsa should be affected by some changes, think for example of the possible adoption of panel in black already equipped on the Opel Mokka. This panel integrates the digital instrumentation and the central display, the control of multimedia and infotainment features. Clearly, the Opel Corsa price will also depend on factors such as the choice of equipment and engines.

Opel Corsa: is the new generation on the way?

The news on the engine front

With the new Opel Corsa there will certainly also be some significant innovations regarding the available engines. For starters, the new generation should see the arrival of the drive unit 1.2 turbo benzina mild-hybrid con 131 cv of power. Many look forward to even one 100% electric powered version, the new Opel Corsa-e, which should have a power of 156 hp. Some clues would also suggest that there could be a farewell to diesel engines.

The declared performances, in principle, seem really optimal. The current engine range, however, offers a 1.2 petrol engine offered with power ratings of 75, 100 and 130 HP, and the 102 HP 1.5 diesel engine. The existing electric version, at 136 hp, as we have seen should be boosted with the new generation.

Opel Corsa: is the new generation on the way?

What do we know about the installations

Waiting to know what will be the preparations of the new edition, at the moment there are seven alternatives available. When it comes to the Opel Corsa, the fittings are just one of the factors to consider carefully. As also underlined by specialized portals such as movenzia.com, the basic Corsa trim is already quite richThen there are Edition, Elegance, Design & Tech, GS Line and Blitz Edition, a version dedicated solely to those who buy the car online and 40 Years, the latter the version celebrating the fortieth anniversary of the release of the first generation.

The basic equipment is already complete as standard and includes: Hill Hold & Start Systemdriver and passenger front and side airbags, front curtain airbags, passenger side airbag deactivation, under-inflation detection system, tire repair kit, rear seat Isofix preparation, traffic sign recognitiondrowsiness detector, speed limiter, automatic emergency braking with vehicle and pedestrian recognition, Lane Keep Assist, 15” steel rims and halogen rear lights. The picture is also completed by the 6-way adjustable driver’s seat and 4-way passenger seat, asymmetrically folding rear seat, three-spoke steering wheel with flat bottom and radio and cruise control controls.

Opel Corsa: is the new generation on the way?

What else to expect on the new Opel Corsa?

One of the significant innovations that will be found on the new Opel Corsa is efficiency, which will presumably be optimized, with a energy consumption estimated at 12 kWh/100 km. This should allow the small car from Opel to increase the range by as much as 38 kilometers, for a total of 400 kilometers in the combined cycle. With the same dimensions then, the battery pack should have a capacity of 52 kWh. Also not to be underestimated is the arrival of fast charging from a 100 kW terminal, which should allow you to go from 20% to 80% of the battery charge in 25 minutes. Notable, then, is the aforementioned use ofOpel Visor, a radical change that involves the entire front end, integrating the air and grille. The Vizor therefore represents a distinctive feature of the cars offered by Opel in recent years, and everything suggests that it will also have a leading role in the future, visually extending the width and organizing the fascia with just a few elements.

Furthermore, based on some rumors, some parts of the rear area could see an intervention on the lines, which would become a bit more aggressive than the current version. As for the interior, however, the changes expected on the new edition of the Corsa are not revolutionary. Rather, some minimal interventions are expected, such as a new digital instrumentation, or an improved infotainment system.

Everything suggests that the new generation will manage to live up to expectations, confirming the good things the Corsa has managed to convey up to now. Indeed, we are talking about a complete car that is perfect both for city use and for long distances. Not only that, thanks to engines that are decidedly not very thirsty, it is also the right car for long-term renting, a formula whereby the only expense not included in the monthly installment is precisely that linked to fuel. Whichever way you look at it, the new Opel Corsa also seems to have all the cards on the table to represent a new chapter of success in terms of critics and sales.