Opel Frontera: here are the images of the new SUV

Opel continues to expand its empire and vehicle lineup. Just recently the company decided to show the new Opel Frontera SUV in the first official images

We are talking about one of the most loved companies in the world of motoring and by loyal customers who for years have continued to purchase the products of Opel, the much-loved German automotive company. I am Many years that the company continues to surprise us with its cars, but now the company has decided to change the cards on the table and score a new chapter in the history of the brand. We had already been given small previews of the new electric SUV some time ago, but now we finally have the opportunity to see it with our own eyes through the first official images that the company itself published. The SUV will be available from the start with a new battery electric motor or alternatively with 48-volt hybrid technology engines.

Opel Frontera: here are the images of the new SUVOpel Frontera: here are the images of the new SUV

Opel Frontera: new electric SUV, new start in images

The first thing that catches your eye about this new SUV is the new Opel Blitz logo, which represents the very beginning of a new chapter in the history of the German company. The logo is located in the center of the Opel Vizor and the latter, black, gives the front of the Frontera a new and unique identity. The support offered by a trapezoidal cooling opening in its lower third is also worth a mention. Inside we find a completely digital dashboard Pure Panel with two 10-inch displays and multimedia infotainment. Also worth mentioning is the optional smartphone station, thanks to which the smartphone becomes the car's control panel, also interacting with the steering wheel buttons. Plus there's technology Intelli-Seat, which allows you to have a more comfortable position on the seat, without the seat belt being too tight. The new SUV has over 460 liters of boot space, including seats. Finally, the load capacity on the roof exceeds 200 kg.

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