Open Fiber: c'è l'accordo con TIM per le aree bianche thumbnail

Open Fiber: official agreement with TIM for white areas

Good news for the diffusion of optical fiber in Italy thanks to theagreement between Open Fiber and TIM which gives a clear acceleration to the single network project. The agreement in question provides for the reuse of network infrastructures in the so-called white areas where the construction of an ultra-broadband infrastructure was financed by public funds.

The details of the new agreement between Open Fiber and TIM

The agreement provides that Open Fiberin the white areas where the company has been awarded the public tenders launched by Infratelpurchases from FiberCop the right to use the infrastructures and access links for clients’ homes. It should also be noted that, as a result of this agreement, TIM will be able to make Open Fiber optic fiber available to its customers in the white areas.

About 500,000 users will be able to switch to FTTH fiber thanks to the new agreement. It should be noted that Open Fiber will be able to significantly accelerate the phase of construction of the network and activation of connections in the white areas. The collaboration represents a very important resource for the future of the development of optical fiber in Italy, a sector in which the two companies are an absolute reference.

The comment of the protagonists

Mario Rossetti, CEO and General Manager of Open Fiber, he underlines: “We are very satisfied with the agreement reached which opens a new page of constructive collaboration in the mutual interest and the country“. Pietro Labriola, CEO and General Manager of TIM, he adds: “Thanks to this operation we are creating a new source of revenues, generating value for the Group and its shareholders. The agreement also represents a concrete response to the need for connectivity of citizens, businesses and local administrations “

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