All Star Gaming: il primo evento Esport alla Romulea

All Star Gaming: the first Esport event at Romulea

All Star Gaming is the first Esport event that took place in the Gaming Room of the Romulea sports club

This weekend “All Star Gaming”Had the opportunity to gather various Esport teams at the first Capitoline Gaming Room, who competed for the victory. In the Esport headquarters of Romulea, however, the most important thing was inclusion. In fact, the representatives of Unsurpassed Onlusa sports group made up of disabled people, and the Romulea Autistic FootballClub, a soccer sports group made up of kids within the autism spectrum. These, together with the players of the Romulea youth teams, have given life to a triangular that has confirmed, once again, the strength of social inclusion generated by Esport, and in this case by virtual football.

All Star Gaming: the first Esport event at Romulea

All Star Gaming: Inclusion and much more for the Capitoline event

The first edition of All Star Gaming was won by Vesta eSportwho managed to beat the team Settebagni for with the result of 4-1. The tournament was also formed by the team of Fidene and from that of Luiss. A scoreboard that, albeit short, ensured that the underlined objective of the event was achieved. As also stated by the president of Romulea, Nicola Villellathe day managed to promote the discipline of Esports, underlining its inclusive power.

We are happy to have hosted in the Romulea gaming room an event in which some local eSports companies challenged each other. The intent was to promote a rapidly growing sector like this one but which still needs to be organized and framed in our sports system.

These are the words of the president of the club, who wanted to underline how this sector still has to be organized and framed in our sports system. His words resonate even more if we consider that Vilella, in addition to being the president of Romulea, is also a member of the Commission established by FIGC-National Amateur League intent on promoting Esport.

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