OpenAi slows down the development of GPT 5: why is there no new version planned?

OpenAI annuncia nuovi plugin per ChatGPT: il chatbot è più potente che mai thumbnail

The ChatGPT-4 chatbot, launched a few weeks ago by OpenAi, will not have a successor soon. This was announced by the developer himself, explaining that the fifth generation of the language model (GPT 5) is not currently planned.

Ansa reports that ChatGpt-5 is expected to reach the status of Agior general artificial intelligence, which would make it much more similar to man. Conversations with human users would thus be almost indistinguishable from virtual ones.

“We’re not developing it and we won’t be developing it for quite some time. We’re doing other things beyond Gpt-4 and I think there are a number of security issues that are important to address,” he said Sam AltmanCEO of OpenAi, during a public event at MIT in Boston on artificial intelligence.

Why did OpenAI pause GPT 5?

The decision comes following an open letter signed by Elon Musk (and over a thousand other exponents), calling for a six-month break for artificial intelligence projects. OpenAi has not publicly explained the reasons for the choicebut said that “it’s important to take the time to study the security model and try to understand what’s going on.”

The pause could also serve OpenAi to resolve the issue of personal data of ChatGpt users. The Italian Guarantor had raised the problem at the end of March, requesting (and obtaining) the temporary closure of the chatbot in our country. OpenAi now has until April 30 to adopt the new guidelines proposed by the Guarantor and reactivate ChatGPT in Italy.

Meanwhile the European Parliament is considering a series of proposals for the series of proposals for theArtificial Intelligence Acta document that aims to regulate the use of Artificial Intelligence.