OpenFiber connette le case lasciate scoperte da Fastweb a Milano thumbnail

OpenFiber connects the houses left uncovered by Fastweb in Milan

OpenFiber comes to the rescue of the families of Milano restate without fiberafter that Fastweb dismissed the Corso Monforte power plant. According to reports, the institution has contacted the families to find a solution.

OpenFiber helps families without fiber in Milan

Milan had access to the fiber network among the first cities in Italy, also thanks to the commitment of companies like Fastweb. But some families with the fast connection have received recommended because of the‘imminent termination of the connection.

The reason lies in the closure of the Corso Monforte plant, to which the users were connected. It seems that the technological limits have forced the closure of the plant, destined for other use. Fastweb, however, explained to families that the network OpenFiber GPON it would cover their needs, and it did. But circ60 families remained without connection, being forced to switch to the old copper pair, with an ADSL connection.

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DDay however reports that OpenFiber he would contact the families in question, to connect theirs civic to the network. In one of the addresses OpenFiber would have already carried the fiber cables. And it seems that in the coming weeks the technicians will visit the Milanese houses to find a solution.

This way they too can revert to a connection from 1 Gbps, capable of satisfying even the greatest needs of any home. Smart working, streaming and all the comforts to which they were certainly accustomed will be possible again. The story seems destined for a positive conclusion, we keep you updated.

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