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Street Fighter 6: upcoming announcement according to a rumor

Rumors continue to circulate on the sixth chapter of the famous Capcom series since 2020: it seems that, according to one of the most recent, the date of announcement and presentation of Street Fighter 6 is imminent. Let’s see together what this hypothesis is based on

They are gone now 6 years ever since Capcom released Street Fighter 5 for all major platforms: after so many years of support, it is reasonable to expect a new chapter of the series to be in the works at their studios. THE rumor on a hypothetical Street Fighter 6 have been around for a long time, but it seems that recently a new one has emerged according to which the game will be announced very soon. According to this rumor, in fact, Street Fighter 6 could be announced on Monday February 21, that is 3 days after the publication of this article. Let’s see below where this hypothesis comes from.

The rumors about Street Fighter 6 and the Capcom countdowns

As probably many of you have already seen, a few days ago Capcom launched a site with a countdown that will reach 0 next Monday. Already then the imagination has led many fans to think about Street Fighter 6, but now we may have gotten further confirmation of that rumor. Second Jeff Grubb in fact, as he said in the last episode of his show Grubbsnax, it is to be expected that Street Fighter 6 will be announced on Monday.

Considering the information we have, it wouldn’t be far-fetched either: the sequel was supposed to launch in 2021but the development problems have resulted an undefined delay. However, in the meantime, we remember that it is still a rumor, and therefore it does not exist no absolute certainty that what has been said come true. To be sure, we just have to wait for directly on Monday 21.

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