Opening-Hero: Ghost Rider, a damned hero

Welcome back once again to a new episode of the column dedicated to our favorite Marvel and DC characters! In this new episode of Aperit-Hero we talk about Ghost Rider, a character with a great curse who however has learned to exploit as a gift for others

There are many very interesting characters in the world of comics, characters who they have a curse about them, which however they use to their own advantage and that of others to do good, as in the case of Wolverine, which we analyzed in this episode. There is another character very similar to Logan, with a similar curse to him, though much more distressing. We are talking about Ghost Riderbut in this case we want to talk about the most famous and loved version of the character, namely Johnny Blaze.

Opening-Hero: Ghost Rider, a damned heroOpening-Hero: Ghost Rider, a damned hero

A pact is a pact | Aperit-Hero: Ghost Rider, a curse can be a gift

Let's start by saying that we want to tell the story of the character of comics, so no Nicolas Cage and no Ghost Rider pissing fire like a flamethrower. The story of Johnny Blaze in the comics is much more tragic. Johnny was born from Naomi Kalea woman who has a curse behind her that follows the entire family hierarchy for centuries. Between her and Barton Blaze two more children are born besides Johnny, viz Daniel e Barbara Ketch. Naomi decides to take Daniel and Barbara with her, leaving Johnny alone with his father Barton, but his father dies shortly after and so Johnny is welcomed by the family of a girl he is in love with, Roxanne Simpsonwho becomes like a father to him.

Crash Simpson is the owner of a circus, in which Johnny Blaze performs spectacular motorcycle stunts. The motorcycle became a very famous feature for Johnny, who became very attached to his work and the vehicle. One day he discovers that his adoptive father Crash he is suffering from cancer, news that shocked him. One day Mephisto visits him, offering him to exchange his soul to save Crash's life. Johnny accepts, but just before Mephisto can take him to Hell with him, Roxanne stops him and chases him away, confessing her love for her to Johnny. To get revenge, the Devil curses Johnny and makes him the Ghost Riderthe devil's knight who takes the souls of sinners to Hell.

Opening-Hero: Ghost Rider, a damned heroOpening-Hero: Ghost Rider, a damned hero

The pain of loss | Aperit-Hero: Ghost Rider, a curse can be a gift

Despite the curse that haunts Johnny's family from generation to generation, However, Roxanne decided to remain by his side. At first Johnny had serious difficulty controlling the demon that controls him, Zarathos. The demon is one spirit of revenge, a demonic creature hungry for sin, who stops at nothing. Whether you have even told a little lie, the Rider will come for you. That's why Johnny tried to learn to control it. Something that, after some time, he managed to do, but created very powerful enemies.

Things seemed to be going well for Johnny, despite everything. But as you might expect from a man with a demon in his body, inevitably life becomes more and more difficult. It arrives in the personal and private life of the Centaur Blackheart, the son of Mephisto, who has always tried to impress his father by eliminating the Ghost Rider and taking his place as king of Hell. Blackheart never succeeded with his powers, which is why she chose to strike his weakest point: his family. Blackheart killed his two sons Craig ed Emma Blaze, who were just children. Blackheart's followers brutally killed them, while Roxanne was first killed and then made a demon under the control of the Devil's son, making Johnny believe that his wife is dead and gone.

Opening-Hero: Ghost Rider, a damned heroOpening-Hero: Ghost Rider, a damned hero

A damned hero

Johnny Blaze's story is one of the saddest the Marvel world has ever known. During his career he faced enormous challenges, difficult not only for their danger, but for theemotional intensity that each of them had. Not only did he lose his wife and children, he also found himself clashing with his brother several times Daniel Ketchwho is a Ghost Rider himself, but in reverse unbalanced and unscrupulous, a much more wicked and powerful Rider, who more often than not lost control. Not only that, Johnny had to too agree to become king of Hell, for a deal made with Dr. Strange. Johnny had to take Mephisto's place and thus prevent Hell from breaking loose on Earth. This slowly led him to go mad and clash with the Sorcerer Supreme, who he would have killed if he hadn't stopped first. Johnny's life begins again just as he emerges from Hell, but the problems continue to follow him, along with all his demons, including Zarathos. However, Zarathos becomes the one thing that always stays with Johnny. Johnny Blaze is the Ghost Rider and always will be.

Today's Aperit-Hero episode ends here. What do you think of Ghost Rider? Do you prefer Johnny or maybe Daniel, Robbie Reyes or Alejandra Jones? Tell us your opinion in the comments and continue to follow us on TechGameWorld.com so you don't miss the next episode of Aperit-Hero, every Saturday at 6pm!

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