OPPO: a new patent arrives for the production of sound from the screen

OPPO ha depositato un nuovo brevetto per la produzione del suono dallo schermo thumbnail

OPPO aims to continue its innovation process thanks to a new patent. The Chinese company, in fact, has filed a patent anticipating a new system for producing sound from the screen. The OPPO patent anticipates, in fact, one of the next solutions that the brand’s smartphones could use in place of traditional speakers.

OPPO’s new patent aims to replace traditional speakers

OPPO Guangdong Mobile Communications Co., Ltd has filed a patent (approved a few days ago) which anticipates theintroduction of a screen capable of vibrating and playing. The system provides a panel characterized by different sound production areas. The new OPPO patent anticipates a new solution that could contribute to the reduction of the size (in particular of the thickness) of smartphones.

We will see, in the near future, if and how OPPO will introduce this new technological solution within its range. The company aims to constantly renew its devices by offering cutting-edge technological solutions. In the coming months, the new patent could become a reality with the first commercial applications.

A constantly evolving company

OPPO intends to continue his innovation program. The company is registering record numbers, in terms of units sold, and, little by little, it is also establishing itself in Europe. Today, in fact, OPPO represents the main alternative to the triad made up of Samsung, Apple and Xiaomi. The brand’s growth program will continue and many new innovative technological solutions will be needed to achieve the ambitious goals set.

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