Oppo ColorOS 13, record roll-out (and many new features for 2023)

Oppo lancia la versione global di ColorOS 13, basato su Android 13 thumbnail

Il ColorOS 13 rolloutthe new Android operating system for smartphones Oppo, was the fastest ever for the company. In addition, Oppo announces several new for 2023. In fact, it has extended the policies of update of ColorOS: There will be four major Android updates and five years of security patches for select flagship models, arriving next year.

Oppo ColorOS 13, very fast roll-out and news for 2023

The latest version of ColorOS brings several changes to Android to allow an even more intuitive and simpler experience thanks to theAquamorphic Design. It also introduced several important innovations such as Smart AOD, Multi-Screen Connect e Home Screen Management.

The launch of ColorOS involved i top of the line on August 18, 2022, but several other models have since received the update. I am indeed 33 models of smartphones around the world that have obtained the update. Record pace for the company: within four months, over 50% more models received the update compared to ColorOS 12. The number of users reached is three times that of two years ago globally.

oppo coloros 13

In addition, Oppo has made a major update to its operating system’s update policies. In fact it will bring quattro major update of ColorOS with 5 years of security patches on select flagship models from 2023.

This is a guarantee of Oppo’s commitment to providing excellent and lasting experiences over time for all its users, extending the life of your smartphone.

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