OPPO colorOS 13: the fastest roll-out ever

INNO DAY: OPPO svela le nuove tecnologie

OPPO ColorOS 13 was shipped faster than any previous version of the operating system, guarantees four major updates for ColorOS and five years of security patches for selected flagship models starting from 2023

OPPO, one of the world’s leading companies in the smart device sector, officially announces ColorOS 13 the latest version of the operating system based on Android created by OPPO. Designed to offer a simple and intuitive user experience, thanks to its brand new Aquamorphic DesignColorOS 13 includes a number of innovative features such as Smart AOD, Multi-Screen Connect e Home Screen Managementfor smart and user-friendly user experiences.

Since the launch of August 18, 2022ColorOS 13 was made available on 33 smartphone models worldwide, making it the fastest and most complete update in the history of the operating system. In the four months since the official release, they have been made compatible with the new version over the 50% more models1 than ColorOS 122. The number of users covered during the global release of ColorOS 13 was 3 times higher compared to that of ColorOS 12 in the same period.

OPPO colorOS 13: the fastest roll-out ever

OPPO colorOS 13: new update policy

OPPO also announces the new update policy of ColorOS, with which it undertakes to guarantee four major updates of ColorOS with 5 years of security patches on select flagship models from 2023. In this way, OPPO intends to offer smarter, more durable and stable experiences by continuing to implement ColorOS.

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