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How ransomware attacks will change in 2023

How ransomware attacks will change in 2023 thumbnail

Recent research by Trend Micro reveals how cybercriminal and ransomware models could evolve in the near future, starting with 2023 which is already upon us. The report — called The Near and Far Future of Today’s Ransomware Groups — shows that cybercriminals are increasingly attracted to partnering with hostile governments and criminal organizations.

“Change is a constant in cybercrime. Sooner or later economic and geopolitical forces will force ransomware cybercriminal groups to adapt or disappear.” he stated Salvatore Marcis, Technical Director of Trend Micro Italy. “In an uncertain and threat-filled landscape, enterprises need platform-based security to have control over all attack surfaces, including hybrid cloud infrastructure. This report helps organizations prepare for the future.”

Will 2023 be marked by ransomware?

By tracing the history of ransomware, the research proposes some scenarios of how threats could evolve. Surely cybercriminals will try to to adaptcontinuing to develop attacks in response to corporate defensive strategies, law enforcement successes, and government sanctions. IoT and cloud environments could be in the crosshairs, with automated attacks. From a strategic point of view, however, the cybercriminals will aim at the attack monetization.

The study also reveals that hackers may also be targeting supply chain, to counter the dependency on initial login brokers. Thus, cybercriminals could use the stolen data for stock manipulation. But not only that: the stolen data could also be sold to traditional organized crime groups and even merge with other similar groups.

Trend Micro research suggests a number of actions to be prepared for, such as:

  • Harden internal and Internet-connected business systems
  • Migrate to cloud services
  • Focus defensive efforts on detection and response and initial access vectors
  • Strengthen government sanctions on key cybercriminals and facilitators
  • Regulate cryptocurrency to increase transparency, protect consumers from fraud, and make money laundering more difficult
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