Oppo Find N: the first foldable smartphone

Today we will talk about the new OPPO Find N, a foldable smartphone that is easy to use and able to provide an innovative experience. Let’s find out together through the direct words of Pete Lau

This is first foldable flagship smartphone – the result of four years of intense Research e development e six generations from prototypes. This is the OPPO’s answer to the future of smartphones and a result of which Pete Lau It’s really enthusiastic since he has subject matter the role from Chief Product Officer from OPPO.

Oppo Find N: the first foldable smartphone

Oppo Find N: the words of the CEO

Whether it is fast charging, high frequency from update, mobile photography covering different focal lengths The 5G connectivity, it smartphone development he has reached a limit that requires new ways of thinking e new approaches to continue innovate.

So the question that all producers and professionals have asked themselves is:

“What’s the next step for smartphones?”

In the past, evolution Yes is focused on the display panel, combining a small display with a large keyboard ed evolving up to current smartphones a full screen. But in an era where they all have a phone with similar configurations, experience of smartphones has come to a dead center. If we could Find a way per overcome the deadlock of smartphone displays, we could once again revolutionize efficiency e interactivity.

OPPO figured this out four years ago, and since then the team he worked tirelessly to find one creative solution. OPPO has always dared seek innovative answers, protecting at the same time user experience. For OPPO, it is better to present a product when it is ready to offer a great user experience, instead of just chasing trends.

The first generation of the prototype Find N is born internally ad April 2018. Although other brands have already introduced folding devices to the market, barriers come the utility, the time e user experience continue to to prevent that the folding devices become one daily driving more feasible for most people.

The innovation

First of all, a device must be beautiful. Nowadays, while ours industry and enriches from increasingly advanced technologies e complex, is more and more crucial for us think to how a good product based on basic needs of each person. We believe a good product must be first and foremost bello e pleasant to usesimple in design, natural e comfortable in the material. Must offer powerful performance while maintaining weight e adequate size. OPPO Find N he has reached up each of these goals.

In second place, a product it must be easy to use. We must provide users with awell balanced experience. For one foldable smartphone, both theexperience a closed screen both that a open screen should be equally simple. Then, on top of that, we should create a ‘efficient experience e innovative that one traditional smartphone can not provide. Over the past decade, OPPO has been leader in key technologies of smartphones such as i display, the connectivity and the cameras. With the Find N, we have Resolved i main pain points of the previous smartphone folding, as the crease of the display and the overall duration of the device, devising hinge design e display from i best available today. The goal is keep pushing forward the foldable technology and theexperience of the folding screen.

For OPPO, Find N represents new possibilities. The company stands ushering in the next chapter in the history of smartphone: l’revolutionary experience of this new format will upset undoubtedly the industry, increasingly homogenized, in which Find N represents a peak of uniqueness.

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