WhatsApp: the new update introduces the preview of the vowels

WhatsApp sta lavorando alla trascrizione dei messaggi vocali thumbnail

With the new WhatsApp update, the preview of voice messages officially arrives. A new feature will allow users to listen to their audios again before sending them to their contacts.

WhatsApp update: do you also think about the automatic transcription of voice messages?

After introducing the ability to pause the recording of audio messages and listen to them at double speed, the new update of WhatsApp continues to work on vowels. According to what reported by The Verge, in fact, the messaging service would have, with the latest update, implemented the preview of the recorded vowels. This means that we will be able to listen to them again before sending them to a contact. The feature is already fully operational for iOS, Android and the web. It will obviously be necessary to update the application, and the mechanism is very simple: once we have recorded our voice, the app will ask us whether to send it, reproduce it or delete it.

But the news for the world’s number one messaging app is not over: in recent weeks the same development team had announced that it was working on a new feature related to audio messages. This is the voice transcription (something that already exists on Telegram thanks to the various bots). The functionality would allow translate the vowels received into text, great for times when you can’t (or don’t feel like) listening to long and tedious audio messages. It is currently unknown when this new feature will be implemented.