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Oppo Find X5 Pro, here are the secrets of battery and cooling

Oppo revealed the secrets behind the cooling down and the efficiency of the battery from Oppo Find X5 Pro, its top-of-the-range smartphone. The cooling means that the extreme performance of the powerful processor does not and fast charging does not risk ruining the smartphone, while the Battery Health Enginethe result of three years of R&D, optimizes battery health.

Oppo Find X5 Pro, the secrets of battery and cooling

Smartphones are rapidly becoming more powerful, so much so that you can perform various operations on the level of a PC. But unlike computers, they don’t have large fans to dissipate excess heat.

To remedy this, Oppo uses a system of passive ventilation that does not generate any noisewith several components wedged into a 9mm frame.

oppo find x5 pro battery cooling min

Inside the smartphone you will find a vapor chamber, one ultra-thin copper cavityin which a minimal is injected quantity of liquid that evaporates and then condenses on the external walls. This allows the heat produced to be dispersed more quickly. Oppo has some increased size by 75% to make it more effective, covering battery and chip almost completely.

In addition, to keep even the display cool during the most intense activities, the Oppo team of researchers has developed an isolation solution. Indeed in order to improve both heat dispersion and screen resistance, Find X5 Pro uses a copper sheet enclosed by a very thin layer of graphite. For the other areas of the smartphone, however, one graphene film.

OPPO Find X5 Pro integrates graphene to build the compromise free cooling system min

He also created the new Ice-skin casewhich keeps the smartphone even cooler.

Smart Battery Health Algorithm & Battery Healing Technology

To increase battery life, safety and efficiency, Oppo’s research team worked during. In fact he developed the Smart Battery Health Algorithm to keep track of the energy potential level of negative electrodes. This reduces the risk of “dead lithium”, which generates overload and reduces the charging speed.

Through the Battery Healing Technology instead it optimizes the internal chemical system of the battery Find X5 Pro, constantly repairing the electrodes. According to Oppo’s data, this allows for a battery capacity to 80% after more than 1600 charge-discharge cycles. Double the current standards.

To make a top of the range you have to take care of all the details and Oppo proves it in many different areas.

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