Oppo Find X5 Pro, the tests it passed before launch

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Oppo tells about the creation of a top of the range: which operations and which tests they performed Oppo Find X5 Pro a premium smartphone? The company takes us behind the scenes to explain how it worked on the chip, camera and how it did tested the device.

Oppo Find X5 Pro: which processes and which tests make it a top of the range

Oppo explains that all part of the assembly of the motherboardwhich takes place thanks to robotic printers capable of produce up to 10 million cards per month. Using an accuracy that no human could have: the smallest component measures 0.4mm by 0.2mm. These machines, however, manage to place some over 400 thousand per houra.

The Oppo Auto Optical Inspector it is a camera capable of analyzing every little detail, a very deep inspection. A car of solder paste inspection (SPI) then check every tiny steel link on the card. 90% of inspections are automated.

This precision also allows you to check the photographic compartment in detail. Including the NPU MariSilicon X e the camera’s five-axis stabilization system: an OIS test verifies both the stabilization of thetarget that of the chip.

Furthermore, the camera tests also verify that the Oppo Find X5 Pro is not fooled by the hand shake. Indeed a jitter fluctuates three degrees six times per second (6 Hz) imitating the “not very steady” hands of many photographers.

The new five-axis system also compensates for sensor displacement on the x / y axis, as well as rotation on the z axis with separate tests. During testing, the shutter speed reaches 167msthe same as vibration: only by producing clear images can this test be passed.

Then there are the endurance tests with the QE Reliability Labwhich ‘stresses’ the smartphone to check its duration. Over 150 tests verify that you can abuse your smartphone without damage.

Multi Angle Drop Test on Marble Surface min

There are several tests that simulate different fall scenarios for Oppo Find X5 Pro. For example, they insert the smartphone into a one meter rotating camera by rotating it 3.5 times per minute. Or they make it fall from one meter 300 times and 28 thousand times from 10 centimeters in height.

Oppo then holds the smartphone for a week at 75 degrees and -40 to check that it can withstand heat and cold. And then dips the smartphone for half an hour at a depth of 1.5 meters to check that it works even later.

Finally, there are the 5G test, in any conditions of use. In short, to get to your pocket, the Find X5 Pro production process had to pass titanic tests. And he did it.

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