Titanfall 3: does leak reveal its existence?

Titanfall 3: un nuovo leak potrebbe averne rivelato l'esistenza thumbnail

Titanfall 3, the third installment of the Respawn Entertainment franchise and which has never been officially announced, may have just been leaked. To reveal the alleged existence of the game was a store of the GameStop chain in Germany, which counted it among the games possible to pre-order for the near future.

Titanfall 3: il leak

A Reddit user found the placeholder disk with the wording of Titanfall 3, who published his discovery on the site, also explaining what the shop assistant replied to his request for explanations. “The clerk told me that the launch is scheduled for this fall”, explains the user, who then continues “I don’t understand if they only want my € 10 for the preorder, but if other people have seen it, it must be true. , right?”

However, it is not the first time that Titanfall 3 has been spotted in the GameStop chain stores, a few months ago another user had in fact reported another placeholder cover very similar to the one found now, while six months ago a third user had declared that he had seen the pre-order of Titanfall 3 but without providing visual evidence.

It must be said that on the part of Respawn Entertainment everything is silent about the franchise, and the software house currently seems completely absorbed in the development of content dedicated to Apex Legends, so it cannot be excluded that it is a not exactly transparent commercial practice. in place from GameStop Germany, perhaps allowing users to move the preorder.

Of course, as often happens in these cases, however, hope is the last to die, and there are many users who dream of the return of the Titanfall saga in style.

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